Spring Fling – Wedding Magazine

Who has seen the latest Wedding Magazine?  I love this latest shoot Spring Fling.  ’A pastel palette will set the scene for a cool, country celebration brimming with seasonal blooms’.

photo (74) photo (76)

A selection of pastel chairs around the dining table, which included our painted Church Chairs, Windsors & Ercols.

IMG_9385IMG_9387 IMG_9430Wooden Pink Chair

(please note, we do not have enough for wedding ceremonies and dining.  We are only planning a collection that will complement our upholstered furniture.)

We have a growing collection of pretty pastel tables, which as you can see look amazing with a selection of cakes.

photo (77)

IMG_9378 IMG_9428

Something so simple, looks so effective!

When Cassy popped along to our barn to select products for the shoot, she spotted this pretty stool for sale.  I’m sure it will star in many more shoots!  We will have lots of furniture for you to buy through Vintage Style Living, the website is almost there!

photo (75)

Gorgeous flowers by Euphoric Flowers.

Photo Shoot Location

As the rain subsides and tins of Tete a Tete fill the barn, I feel optimistic Spring is on it’s way! Will I be saying this at the end of the week when I’m still wearing my wellies!?

With enquiries for engagement shoots landing in my inbox, I thought I would write another post on shoots at the barn.


We have delivered van loads of props to many shoots.  These have to be planned with military precision.  You can only use what you have booked and from my experience this doesn’t allow for flexibility and spontaneity on the day.  We are of course more than happy to travel and last year had the pleasure of driving through the gates of Le Manoir.  No hope of me ever meeting Raymond Blanc any other way!

If your shoot doesn’t require a Michelin Star location or a stately home as a back drop, why not book Hammer Hill Barn?  With all the props to hand this is much easier and much more cost effective for you and certainly much easier for your stylist and photographer.

The view from the barn is stunning and nearby Thaxted offers lots of quirky spots such as the Windmill, Church and the Guildhall.  There are also many wooded areas I can take you to.  Take a look at our village website www.thaxted.co.uk. It’s actually a town, but very small, some say not dissimilar to Balamory!


From styled fashion shoots, engagement shoots, product shoots – we can provide as much or as little as you need.  A full day at the barn is just £250.

This includes assistance with choosing props for your day, visiting locations and hot and cold refreshments.  It doesn’t include lunch or any additional styling such as flowers, balloons, cakes etc., although these can be arranged at an additional cost.  We can also advise on booking photographers, makeup artists etc.  I will be onhand to help with prop selection, but if you require me to style the shoot, that comes under extras too!

Some of the shoots at our barn.

A Provence inspired shoot by French Made, photographed by Naomi Kenton
Featured on Style Me Pretty

Titus 1KissFig 1

Our Mannequin shoot, photographed by Violet & Green Photography
Featured on Festival Brides

Drinks Bottles Let them Eat Cake Button holes

An Engagement Shoot, photographed by X-Quisite

Behind the barn (yellow rapeseed unfortunately not to order!)



In the woods!

JZ2A1280 JZ2A1334JZ2A1153

Down the lane!


Whatever your requirements, give us a shout, we would love to see you at Hammer Hill Barn.


A little strange to write a post on figs, but I adore them.  To eat and to style!  On one of our shoots at the Barn, I offered to provide lunch. Just something simple which included the obligatory fig!  Never one to miss an opportunity when Charlotte Griffiths has a camera in her hand, I decided to style lunch!


When I was planning weddings, I always suggested to couples if they didn’t have any extra guests arriving in the evening, a simple cheeseboard served with cake would suffice and can always look spectacular.  ’Cheese’ cakes are now very popular at weddings, as are dressing sweet cakes with fruits.

Fig Cheese Cake - Louise Holgate

 Louise Holgate

Fig MoodboardGrey Likes Wedding

I hadn’t planned this, so I just added what I found at the barn – everyone has nests of quails eggs! It’s not perfection, but we ate well!


We have lots of tables for displaying your cheese board or cake at Vintage Style Hire and unusual things such as tins and boxes for crackers and bowls for chutney. We can also style it all for you – happy for you to skip the nests!

Water for Elephants

I was asked recently to send a proposal to style a shoot inspired by the film Water for Elephants.  The film stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. Watch the trailer HERE.

Water Cover

I looked at scenes from the film and suggested props to style each scene.

Water Tent

Chairs, desks, record player.

Ida Vintage Shoot Feb 11 183 Work Table 1 SONY DSC


Galvanised buckets and lanterns.

VSH NOV 2013 126


Water Room

Hostess trollies, armchairs, standard lamps and accessories.


Pink Chair Close Vintage books soiree

Water Cases

We have just a few suitcases!

SONY DSC SONY DSCSuitcases Field

If you have ideas to style your photo shoot, or perhaps a unique theme for your wedding, I would happily take a look at your pictures of inspiration. Maybe you have a Pinterest board or have sourced images from the internet – send them over and I’ll suggest some things!


Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saison

Well, it’s not often on a Friday I find myself in the gardens of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saison!

Le Manoir has been on my Bucket List for as long as I can remember.  I have done quite a few things on this ever expanding list, but I was quite surprised to be ticking this one off last week!


Why was I there?  Well I had an email from Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams. We worked together on Annabel’s ‘Style Me Vintage: Weddings‘ book.  Michelle was amazing.  She worked on stunning concepts for the book and provided me with the most gorgeous visuals, all I had to do was suggest a list of furniture and props that would go with each era.  We spent a night drinking wine in Dalston after the first day of the shoot, I’m not drinking wine with her again!!

So the main reason was Michelle, but I’d be lying if the venue didn’t have something to do with me accepting before I read to the end of the email! A few emails, and a few months later, I found myself pulling into the driveway of Le Manoir.


I will refrain from divulging anything about the shoot, as this is secret for now, but it was lovely to meet everyone involved.  It was a very relaxed shoot, all down to the exceptional planning and detail that Michelle and Vicki put into all their work.

I did take a few snaps in the grounds.  I loved all the sculptures and would like a bronze sitting on my stairs at the barn!

Birds Lady Man

The highlight of the day was meeting Raymond Blanc. I didn’t imagine he would be there and I certainly didn’t imagine I would be asking him if I could have a picture taken with him!  Anyone that knows me, knows I run a mile from a camera.  He was so friendly and even stopped to ask how we got on when we were packing the van at the end of the day.


I’m hoping to work hard enough so I can afford to stay the night next time!

Daisyley Photo Shoot

The building work is nearly complete on the second floor of my barn space.  To say I am excited is an understatement.  My landlord John has worked his magic building an office, a store room and a gorgeous space to expand my growing collection!

We are painting everywhere white!  The vaulted ceiling, maybe even the floor.  Although I’m not sure that will be the most practical in a barn, we will see.  The plan is to offer the space for product and catalogue shoots. I’ve been to a few of the gallery spaces in London and I think our location along with all the props to hand will be perfect for shoots.

Despite the building work going on around them, the first to use the space was Jo from Daisyley.  She wanted to photograph her new products that she sells on Not On The High Street.  Jo and I started our businesses around the same time and it’s been great to watch them grow.  We used to go to exercise classes, shopping trips and regular nights at the pub.  Now, it’s all work!!

Here are just a few of the products photographed by Claire Naylor .




L1007442squareLO L1007477squareLO



Do head over to her SHOP and shop!

Engagement Shoot – Sav & Lavinia

I am styling Sav & Lavinia’s wedding at the beginning of July at Northbrook Park and they asked if they could have their engagement shoot at Hammer Hill Barn.

With all this unpredictable weather, they chose a beautiful warm day.  Their photographer Milad arrived early and I showed him around the props and furniture and took him on a tour of Thaxted.  We are spoilt!  Thaxted has a Windmill, HUGE church, Guildhall, coloured houses, cobbled streets, woods and lots of fields!

One of the best views, in my opinion, is from my window at Hammer Hill Barn.  An uninterrupted view across the countryside and at the moment, it’s a riot of yellow rapeseed.


Sav, Lavinia and Milad rummaged through the props and furniture and I showed them a wooded area for a picnic scene.


Weighing scales, glass cake stands, macaron tray and pretty cupboard, all from our collection.  Macarons from Chateau Macaron.


They found a few books in our vast collection, including my special Marriage book!  How gorgeous does Lavinia look with this pretty pink ruffle cake from Love Little Cakes?


I can’t wait to style their wedding.

If you are planning an engagement shoot and need to find a special location, Hammer Hill Barn is perfect.  A large white studio space upstairs and all the props and furniture to hand, all you need to bring is your photographer!  We can also organise cakes, macarons, flowers, we can even provide lunch if you wish.

For further information email kate@vintagestylehire.co.uk




The Provence Shoot

This shoot was all about the cakes.  Lau from French Made had organised us all together on one of the coldest days in living memory.  How we got Titus to raise a smile in those conditions, I will never know!.  Not that you would notice, I am personally thrilled with Naomi Kenton’s amazing images.

Titus 1

Naked Cake 1

Naked Cake

How gorgeous did these two look together?


Dress 2


There was lots of delicious cake …


Scales 1

Apple Cake

the most stunning flowers …

Bouquet Lilac

Bouquet Duck Egg


and lots of other gorgeous things inbetween!

One of my favourite photographs of all time …


The best bit, we were featured on Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book, head on over HERE.

I could talk about everyone in great detail, they were all amazing.  I hope I see you at the barn again soon.  Maybe this time we should meet up in Summer?

Photographer: Naomi Kenton Photography
Cakes & dessert table: French Made
Furniture & props: Vintage Style Hire
Florist: Wonderosa
Styling: Ginger Weddings
Dresses: Wilden Bride
Veil: Kelly Spence
MUA: Sabrina Lily
Stationery: Sigh! Bespoke Designs
Accessories: Bijou Bijoux
Button bouquet: Beaubuttons
Venue: Hammer Hill Barn, Vintage Style Hire
Models: Real couple Niina & Titus

The Ginger Bread Shoot

The van was packed for another shoot, my Mother came along for the ride.  We were lucky, it wasn’t too far away, in familiar territory near Sudbury in Suffolk!

It was organised by the very talented wedding dress designer Charlotte from Wilden Bride She previously worked for Jenny Packham working on special gowns for high profile clients including Kate Middleton and Dita Von Teese.  Not often you will see both those names in the same sentence!

When I arrived, everyone was camped out in the gorgeous railway carriage taking pictures of the beautiful model Kira Harper.

In these scenes: Bike, Marjorie, yellow shelves, crate, vintage books, cream pie crust table.

The LOVE sign is available to hire or buy from Pocketful of Dreams.  Love these girls, I worked with Michelle on the Style Me Vintage: Weddings book with her and met Vicki at the book launch. She was a little too glamorous for me to stand next to!  They have just launched their gorgeous new branding and website design.  I feel slightly inferior when I see Michelle’s moodboards.

After dropping off everything for the railway carriage scenes, I wandered round the corner, to find Lizzie and her dashing partner Jim, setting up the Yurt.  I can’t recommend Wedding Yurts enough, they are stunning.  They put their heart and sole into their business, I’m hoping to see a lot of them this year.

How cute is this cute little pink Champagne Yurt with the stunnng chandelier.  Once it was up, I proceeded to fill it with the remaining paraherenalia that I thought might fulfill the brief.  A little shop with vintage till and a little sewing area. Of course, the screen had to come and how stunning does it look against that backdrop.

In these scenes: Floral screen, pink hostess trolley, metal till, weighing scales, glass jars, vintage tins, floral tray, pink dressing table stool, blue ladders, vintage books, shoe lasts, white desk, red radio, vintage suitcases, hat boxes and sewing machine.

Outside the Yurt, please take note of the very cute wood burning stove with it’s puff of gorgeous smoke.

In these scenes: Pink ladder, wooden cart, door chalkboard,  chalkboard signs, vintage tins and Christy’s hat box.

I loved these images.  They were taken at the very end of the day when Kira must have been so very cold and tired, but they are amazing.  Sarah from Rose & Aster currently has one as her front website page.

Thanks Charlotte for asking me to be involved.  You guys all did an amazing job.

I love that credit, here are some links to get you there!

Dress Designer  Wilden Bride

Photographer Heline Bekker

Photographer  Carla Thomas

Boudoir shoot Cocoon Photography

Hair & Make Up Sabrina Lily

Flowers Fearless Florals

Cakes Delicieux Cakes

Gingerbread Ellie Davies

Stationery Kate Ruth Romey

Pink yurt Wedding Yurts

Vintage Props Vintage Style Hire

Jewellery Rose and Aster

Petticoats Doris Designs

Shoes Hetty Rose

Headpiece Madrugar London

LOVE sign Pocketful of Dreams

Post box Pretty Post-box

Venue Coppins Farm Railway Carriages